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Measuring the health and performance of just one team to gauge their maturity and help them grow requires many resources including establishing a method of measurement, time for the team to complete the assessment, someone to help the team analyze the results and establish a growth plan to move forward, and much more. Multiplying those efforts across all teams in an organization can seem daunting. But does it have to be? 

The answer is no. Teams throughout an organization can thrive at scale with AgilityHealth®. In today’s environment where organizations are faced with social distancing of employees in the office and remote work for others, how our platform is used to measure and grow teams has also evolved.

The Strategic Retrospective Process for Teams

Our most popular method for measuring team health and performance is the TeamHealth® Radar and the Strategic Retrospective. This team retrospective is made up of three parts. First, team members take the assessment, then the team analyzes the results in the TeamHealth Radar and works together to build growth items, establishing an actionable growth plan. We now encourage organizations to utilize this radar in our Virtual Big Room Retrospectives (VBRR), which allow multiple teams to participate simultaneously.

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Virtual Big Room Retrospectives (VBRR)

We’ve developed the Virtual Big Room Retrospective (VBRR) that enables organizations to establish the baseline of a team’s health and performance across a large number of teams at the same time in one virtual setting, limiting the valuable resources required. The AgilityHealth VBRR enables organizations to foster a collaborative environment in a distributed world. The voices of the teams are heard and provide insight for organizations to pivot and make necessary adjustments by helping organizations gain insight into obstacles that are getting in their teams’ way during these uncertain times.  

Organizations rolling out AgilityHealth to a large number of teams in a one or few teams at a time manner often experience data collection stretched out over several weeks/months. This sometimes leads to the last team's baseline overlapping with the first team's second assessment. The results then end up demonstrating growth over time during the roll-out, rather than a solid baseline from all teams. The VBRR helps solve this dilemma.

The reasons to explore using a VBRR include:

  • The baseline is obtained quickly – a portfolio of teams establishes a robust baseline assessment, using less resources than a plethora of individual assessments
  • The quality of data is high due to the coordinated control over variables
  • Point in time data is gathered that is less subject to team scheduling
  • Consistency of user experience across teams occurs
  • Discussion generates positive energy among team members
  • A collaborative environment is fostered among all teams, even when they are distributed
  • Momentum is generated for continuous improvement in the organization

An individual team completing an AgilityHealth Retrospective requires an AgilityHealth Facilitator (AHF) to lead the retrospective and build a growth plan with the team. A VBRR accomplishes the same value but supports the coordination of resources and schedules multiple teams' retrospectives as one ceremony.

  • Several teams are in one large room at the same time or teams are participating virtually
  • Primary AHF kicks off the retrospective
  • All teams complete their team's assessment at the same time
  • Each individual team has its own AHF to facilitate the team's retrospective
  • Cross-team sharing of what was learned occurs while in the large room
  • Managers are invited to the Team Readout in the last 30 minutes to bring awareness of some trends in the agreed upon growth items to leadership and to discuss the next steps

Helping Teams Reach Their Highest Potential

AgilityHealth provides the insights that will enable your organization to keep a pulse on what’s going on with your teams, whether they are in the office or distributed, and create transparency for your leaders by identifying obstacles to remove for the teams. As a result, teams can reach their highest potential and THRIVE even during this challenging time. In today’s work-life, collaboration doesn’t happen around the conference table, it happens around the virtual table.

Learn more about rolling AgilityHealth out across your organization with our Org Baseline Jumpstart or book time to speak with an expert at AgilityHealth.

by Natalie Solomon, Continuous Improvement Strategist, AgilityHealth


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