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Recent Posts by Bryan Tew

Enterprise Business Agility Strategist at AgilityHealth®

Fund Your Transformation Efforts through Increased Agile Capitalization

With the severe impact COVID-19 has had on most businesses during the last several months, many organizations are putting their key transformation and improvement initiatives on hold.  This may be due to uncertainty of the future and the direction of the company, it could be due to changing priorities, but most commonly, it’s due to the financial impact many industries have suffered in 2020. Most organizations want to continue or embark on their transformation efforts but are finding it difficult to do so during this time. If you’re feeling the pain from these circumstances or simply need to free up some OpEx flexibility, allow me to introduce an approach that could help fund some of your transformation work or other key improvement initiatives that will help prepare for and lead future disruption.

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Stories from Our First Agile Talent & HR Workshop

We were very excited to host the inaugural session of the Agile Talent & HR (Talent Strategist Certification) Workshop at Agile Transformation, Inc. headquarters January 10-11, 2019.
This topic is hot right now and a critical missing piece to the Agile transformation roadmap. No Agile journey has any hope of real success without involving HR teams in enabling and driving the people, team, leadership and change interventions.

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