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You might be asking yourself how teams and organizations can thrive at scale. Especially in today’s environment where organizations are faced with “mandatory social distancing.” They’re trying to keep their workers safe by quickly mobilizing mandatory work-from-home policies, dusting off and amending emergency response plans, and instituting travel restrictions to help flatten the curve of the COVID pandemic. 

Virtual Big Room Retrospectives (VBRR)

At AgilityHealth, we’ve developed the Virtual Big-Room Retrospective (VBRR) that enables organizations to establish a baseline of a team’s maturity and performance across a large number of teams at the same time in one virtual setting. We also have experience and the ability to conduct break-out sessions to facilitate deeper dive retrospectives with your teams leveraging the functionality of your organization’s existing communications platform. If you don’t want to conduct a full baseline, we have the capability to create a “pulse check” and add custom questions relevant to your organization which enables leaders to get a pulse on your teams in the “here and now”.

The AgilityHealth VBRR enables organizations to foster a collaborative environment in a distributed world despite COVID. The voices of the teams are heard and provide insight for organizations to pivot and make necessary adjustments by helping organizations gain insight into obstacles that are getting in their teams’ way during these uncertain times.   

Teams reaching their highest potential

AgilityHealth provides the insights that will enable your organization to keep a pulse on what’s going on with your teams during these uncertain times and create transparency for your leaders by identifying obstacles. As a result, teams can reach their highest potential and THRIVE even during this challenging time. In today’s work-life, collaboration doesn’t happen around the board table, it happens around the virtual table.

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by Natalie Solomon, Continuous Improvement Strategist, AgilityHealth


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