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Jump Starting Your EBA Journey

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Lessons from the EBA Trenches

The Good News: Innovation and New Ways of Working are rapidly evolving the way organizations deliver value for their customers.  With integrated Digital strategies, Machine Learning & AI, Cloud Computing, Agile Enterprises, Rapid Prototyping, etc. “The Art of the Possible” is changing at an astounding pace.

The Bad News:  What worked last year or even last quarter may not be enough to differentiate your company’s offerings moving forward.  As innovation continually raises the bar, organizations are recognizing the need to build Agility into their core cultural DNA.

With this in mind, organizations around the world and across industries are realizing that to remain competitive in these rapidly evolving markets, they need to develop increased Agility across the full scope of their business.  Enterprise Business Agility (EBA) focuses on the ability for organizations to adapt to change, learn and pivot, and deliver at speed – all critical core capabilities needed in innovative, highly disruptive markets.  

As organizations kick-off their EBA journey, though, they invariably wrestle with the same question: 

Where Do We Start?

After partnering with dozens of leading Fortune 500 clients in their Agility journey, AgilityHealth® has compiled a wide range of “lessons learned from the EBA trenches”.  Many of these approaches were developed and piloted in partnership with our clients, some were developed by other practitioners and incorporated into our approach over time.  Still others were pulled together from applied Use Cases and “missteps” along the way across the Agility community. Our hope is that these lessons learned will serve as a key resource for groups looking to “Jump Start” their Agility Journey and accelerate their path to increased innovation, delivery velocity team health, and value delivery.  

Specific topics within this “EBA Roadmap” blog series include:

  • What is Enterprise Business Agility & What Does the Typical Journey Look Like?
  • Investing in Education & Awareness to Accelerate Your EBA Journey
  • Developing a Clear Baseline and Leveraging It to Inform Your Strategy
  • Building a Targeted EBA Roadmap and evolving it over time
  • Prioritizing which Pillars to Focus On and In Which Order
  • Investing in a Measurement & Continuous Improvement Strategy
  • Selecting Which Groups to Pilot Your Efforts With
  • Developing Tailored Enablement Strategies & Resources to Support Your “Go Wide” Efforts

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How Can You Measure Success?

By Jason Molesworth, Enterprise Business Agility Strategist @ AgilityHealth® 


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