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Business Agility with Evan Leybourn

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How do you create an Agile organization? Evan Leybourn, founder of the Business Agility Institute, provides a quick, detailed breakdown of the domains of business Agility in this short video.



Business Agility defined
According to Leybourn, Business Agility is the way in which organizations are able to remain adaptable and Agile in an ambiguous and changing market. It applies to “every company in every industry in the world,” Leybourn said.
How companies work
Does your organization give much thought to the broader sense of agility in the areas of technical agility, process agility, and enterprise agility? If not, your organization is missing a part of the bigger picture. Leybourn explains these factors succinctly within this video.
Connection focus
Leadership agility, structural agility, and market agility all focus on how an organization deals with connections from within and outside the organization. Business Agility prompts organizations to consider connections on both inside and outside of the organization, Leybourn explains in this video.
Agile mindset is required
Does your organization cultivate a learning mindset? Is collaboration encouraged? Do team members take accountability and ownership in their work? Agile organizations do these things to the benefit of the organization as a whole.
Leybourn reminds organizations in this video that the customer is the reason for everything we do. While the definition of “customers” may look different from one organization to another, the customer is the reason why organizations become Agile. The customer should be the center of everything because without the customer, why do anything?
Leybourn is a leader within the Agile community for good reason – he has the ability to explain important concepts in a quick and understandable way. This video gives a great overview of business agility and why it’s vital for organizations to strive for agility in every facet of their organization.


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