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The State of Enterprise Business Agility

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 Evan Leybourn, Business Agility Institute

Along with his wealth of experience, Evan shared the State of Enterprise Business Agility with the audience at the EBA Summit this past September. 

Evan’s presentation and slides can be found here




  • Agility is not an invention or management consultants, the world has always been unpredictable and uncertain
  • The world has more new companies and fewer older companies
  • To thrive; we need to be responsive, adaptive, resilient & change according to the needs of customers
  • Constraints today are Finance, Human Resources, Compliance, Sales & Marketing
  • Partners need to be as Agile as the companies they work with

Domains of Business Agility

Three Key Predictors



Organizations are reporting the following key benefits of business agility.


Evan concluded by challenging the audience to think about how they are progressing – work on what makes you feel proud & know that you are achieving something of value. This is not about agile, not about scrum, not about being more adaptable, this is about basic human dignity. At the end of the day, an agile organization creates dignity for those who work there.

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