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Insight and visibility at all levels of your organization
The business world is abuzz about business outcomes. You’ve skimmed the headlines, you’ve watched the videos, but you’re still scratching your head on how it all works and probably wondering ‘what’s in it for me?’

A lot of organizations are focused on outputs not outcomes – and they struggle to balance demand with capacity. This is why the largest and most successful companies on the planet are using business outcomes because they’re fast, measurable, and most importantly, they clear up confusion on what we’re doing and why. In a word: Alignment. When we’re all rowing the same way, we can get there in half the time and with less wasted energy.

Business outcomes are making huge waves when it comes to empowerment, engagement, and creative problem-solving. Team members feel empowered to examine the long-term company strategic goals and take action at their level to move the needle on those company goals.

To meet this need, the Business Outcomes Alignment Dashboard within the AgilityHealth® platform was created. Our unique breakdown of Demand, Delivery, and Obstacle Tracking provides insight and visibility at all levels of your organization.
Take the guesswork out of managing stories and tasks, and ensure that your workforce is actually aligned behind business outcome objectives and key results.
Let’s take a look at a brief overview of the new Business Outcomes Dashboard feature in AgilityHealth.

The Demand section has your three-year objectives, one-year themes, and quarterly outcomes, and the Delivery columns help you align your teams at every level to these business outcomes. This helps you ensure enterprise alignment around outcomes while still linking outcomes to the WORK required.
The left navigation organizes Enterprise as a whole, Trains (or Teams of Teams), Portfolios, and Teams by value stream, no matter your company structure.

Each outcome card includes an Objective, Key Results, Progress Bars, and Metrics to track business outcome progress.

Now it’s time for you to unlock the power of what business outcomes can do for your company. Visit the AgilityHealth product page to learn more.


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