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Developing Agile Talent Across Your Company

AgilityHealth Enables You to Scale & Accelerate Your Transformation
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To be more adaptable and efficient, organizations are looking for ways to develop critical roles within their Agile teams across business operations, HR, marketing, and more.

The AgilityHealth® Agile Talent Development Program holistically transforms the five essential roles that enable high-performing teams: Agile Coach, Agile Leader, Product Owner, Scrum Master and SAFe® Release Train Engineer (RTE).

AgilityHealth provides individual radars for these roles, coupled with a powerful 360-degree assessment and growth framework.

In this video, you’ll see how the program can accelerate the growth of specific Agile roles within your enterprise.
The Four Quadrants of Agile Talent Development
At a high level, the program helps you:
1. Learn
Build role-specific learning roadmaps.
2. Measure
Assess roles through health radars + Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly maturity stages
3. Mentor & Strengthen
Build a strong mentorship program and strengthen communities of practice.
4. Grow
Enable self-learning through the AgilityHealth Growth Portal.

This is just a glimpse of how you can develop your Agile talent. For details, request a demo or visit 


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