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Recent Posts by Dawn Thiem

VP of Enterprise Enablement and Talent at AgilityHealth®

The Target Dojo Experience

 Travis Klinker, Target

At the EBA Summit this past September, Travis shared that starting an agile journey was not easy and they certainly had to practice patience. When starting Agile at Target not everyone was ready for the change. With a larger organization, it’s hard to change the mindset. The video recording of Travis’s presentation and slides can be found here.

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Scaling Agile Learning Across Your Enterprise

Reskilling… upskilling… the future of work. No matter how it’s defined, companies are challenged with a critical need to build – and retain – skilled workforces to stay competitive.

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Stop The Flooding


We had a BIG business problem to solve. Our marketing team’s backlog was massive – everything from the tiniest of tactical needs to the utmost strategic & only a few hands to manage it all. What to do, what to do?

Well, sometimes the easiest way to solve a big hairy problem is to simply block the time & dive on in…hackathon for the business style. We very simply just applied Agile to the business.

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Onboarding and Enabling Team Success

Summer Mau, Valmont

Summer shared that onboarding and team success is based on how people hear and process information.

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Evolving A Continuous Improvement System


  Dan Craig, Fannie Mae

Dan’s presentation was one of the top rated sessions. He shared his top  learnings building a continuous improvement program across 240 teams. He highlighted his learnings and spoke to the reality that continuous improvement means more than a team sitting in a room for a team retro…it’s a complex and delicate ecosystem that requires intentional focus to pull it all together.   

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The State of Enterprise Business Agility


 Evan Leybourn, Business Agility Institute

Along with his wealth of experience, Evan shared the State of Enterprise Business Agility with the audience at the EBA Summit this past September. 

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The Challenges of a Transformation Coach

 Rupert Schmidtberg, Schmidtberg Consulting

At the EBA Summit this past September, Rupert shared the challenges that come along with being a transformation & executive coach and how to engage senior executives to actively promote & lead the adoption of Enterprise Business Agility.

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Enterprise Planning & Visibility

Kristen Dalton

Kristen shared reflections on her journey forming the team that led a new Outcomes Based Enterprise Planning & Visibility. She shared the things she wished she’d known when the story began.

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Fueling Performance: A Future-Focused Approach


 Katie Mullin, Farm Credit Services of America

At the EBA Summit, Katie shared her organization’s lessons on fueling performance. She shared that companies are now operating as a network of teams, aligning goals, providing real-time, continuous and multi-directional feedback. The industry is actually moving ahead of HR. Don’t wait for HR to get this, bring them with you and they will make the connections. 

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OPEX World Summit Summary


Dawn Thiem, AgilityHealth

I had the pleasure of attending the OPEX World Summit this past week. It’s been more than 7 years since I’ve engaged with OPEX/PEX & I was so pleasantly surprised with how they have stepped up their game! Found myself wanting MORE time (very rare for me) & I am sincerely looking forward to attending more of these events in the future. 

For those of you that attended, the video recordings & presentations will be coming soon! 

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