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Evan Leybourn’s Domains of Business Agility

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Evan Leybourn, founder of the Business Agility Institute, created the now-famous Domains of Business Agility in a quick sketch that he released to the public right before going into surgery. Eight hours later, when he was allowed access to his laptop again, he discovered that his innovative idea had exploded online and was being discussed worldwide.
What was in that quick sketch that made so many people stop and take notice?
In this video, Leybourn and Agile Transformation, Inc.’s Sally Elatta discuss the Domains of Business Agility and how it helps organizations thrive in an unpredictable world.



Is your organization adaptable?
With so many once-thriving companies failing, the need for business agility is real. The Forbes 100 list from 30 years ago reveals that nearly half of those companies are no longer in business. It only took the span of one generation to collapse companies that were once at the top of their game!
Companies unwilling to adapt are unwilling to thrive.
“A company is only as agile as its least agile parts,” said Leybourn. The lessons taught by the Domains of Business Agility Model help organizations turn the market instead of simply scrambling to keep up in an ever-changing environment.
At the very center of Leybourn’s model is the customer. Agile dimensions surround the customer demonstrates the need for business agility.
The once-standard SAFe Requirements Model doesn’t deliver the same benefits as the Domains of Business Agility Model, nor does scrum alone, explained Leybourn. The focus needs to be on the “customer’s seat at the table,” said Leybourn.
Watch the video for detailed explanation of the Domains of Business Agility Model, directly from the model’s creator. His insights into business agility may change the way you do business.


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