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2022 AgilityHealth Radar Updates

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Oftentimes, in order to move forward, people follow the ‘out with the old, in with the new’ train of thought. A focus on continuous improvement can certainly follow that pattern. But at AgilityHealth®, we’ve learned that even though there’s a need for new developments, there’s frequently no reason to throw out the old when you can simply make a few improvements instead! With that in mind, we are thrilled to announce new AgilityHealth Radars to help further your transformation journey, as well as enhancements to some of our favorite radars and Growth Portals. Many of these new developments stemmed from feedback and ideas received from current customers. Here’s what we’ve done with those continuous improvement suggestions!  

Team Culture and DevSecOps

Top influencers for team success are the culture of the team and how well team members function together. Culture has been one of the five dimensions in our TeamHealth® Radar since its inception. In the spirit of helping organizations develop strategies to continuously improve team culture, we created the Team Culture Radar. This radar was inspired by the book “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” by Patrick Lencioni and the focal points are relationships and process. The relationship portion of the Team Culture Radar focuses on collaboration, conflict management, inclusion and trust. The process section of the radar is centered around outcome orientation, role ownership, feedback and vision. Take a peek at the Team Culture Radar


Next up is a mixture of out with the old and in with the new. Our existing DevOps Radar has been remixed to dive deeper into the topics around maturing your Security practices, and the outcome is a new DevSecOps Radar. We leveraged the infamous Mobius Loop to connect delivery, security and operations in a continuous iterative approach. The new DevSecOps Radar exhibits the presence of security under each competency along with the interconnectedness of security concepts such as Threat Models, Secure Coding, Digital Sign, etc., with the Mobius Loop, including highlights such as Plan, Develop, Build and Test. This radar was developed with consideration to the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Guidelines. Check out the DevSecOps Radar. 



Top Drivers for Team Performance

The TeamHealth® 3.0 Radar is the cornerstone of our radar library. After analyzing the data from 4,616 teams that took this radar assessment over two and a half years, we were able to determine the top drivers for team performance. You can learn all about them in our Top Predictors of Team Performance report. But the great news is, you can now see the strength of your teams in each of the top drivers when you’re analyzing the results of your TeamHealth Radar assessments. 

In each of the competencies around performance metrics and team happiness, you are shown the top drivers for that competency and relative strength of the drivers in relation to that competency. If you’re ready to check this out for yourself, learn more on our Support Center. Here’s an example of how strong a team is in relation to the top drivers for Predictable Delivery.

TeamHealth Radar (2)

Talent Development Growth

Due to popular customer demand, our existing Product Owner Radar was revamped and is now the Product Owner (Manager) V3.0 Radar. We made an intentional decision to keep the Product Owner and Product Manager competencies together, taking into consideration the similarities between the two roles. The new version is now more aligned with the Lean Product Radar, which makes the Product Owner (Manager) competencies more correlated to the Product Team.

We also updated our Scrum Master Radar to the Scrum Master V3.0 Radar This enhanced radar is an expanded version of the previous one, with the conversion of the maturity model used within the radar from a Hi/Lo scale to our frequently used Pre-Crawl/Crawl/Walk/Run/Fly scale. These changes allow for Scrum Masters to create more targeted Growth Items, and the assessment results provide increased visibility to areas that need improvement.

Updates have additionally been made to our Agile Leader Radar, which is now the  Agile Leader V3.0 Radar and our Agile Coach Radar, which is now the Agile Team Coach V2.0 Radar.

Additional Resources to Fuel Continuous Improvement

In the spirit of continuous improvement, we have also enhanced many of the Growth Portals that correlate to our radars. The AgilityHealth Growth Portals are an integral part of scaling self-learning and sustaining maturity improvements. These online portals contain all the resources teams need to help create their continuous improvement plans, including:

  • Targeted recommendations, videos and resources for each radar competency 
  • Consistent guidance to scale learning across teams
  • Ability to request help from qualified mentors and coaches

Screen Shot 2024-01-02 at 1.49.17 PM

We developed a Growth Portal for our new DevSecOps Radar and enhancements have been made to these existing Growth Portals: 

  • Product Owner (Manager) V3.0
  • Scrum Master V3.0
  • Agile Leader V3.0
  • Agile Team Coach V2.0
  • Enterprise Business Agility 2.0

Got an Idea?

The new Team Culture and DevSecOps Radars and many of the enhancements were driven by feedback from customers, Agile Coaches and several of our partners. We love hearing from you and turning suggestions into useful tools for companies to use when working through their Digital or Business Agility transformation. If you have ideas we should consider, send us an email to


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