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What Metrics Matter to Agile Marketers?

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Marketing teams have been discussing this for years, what metrics really matter? When you want results, ROI and impact over effort, the need to look at how a team functions in alignment with business goals, best practices, market trends and more, requires an understanding of where the gaps exist so you can deploy focused efforts to improve. When you know what you’re trying to change, putting growth plans in place to achieve your objectives becomes a lot less challenging.

We’ve paired & gathered detailed input from:

  • Leaders within our customers & partners
  • Our internal marketing team
  • Marketing practitioners & agile experts
  • Business agility thought leaders


5 Primary Measurement Dimensions Emerged

  • Marketing & Content Strategy – holds the essence of the day-to-day tactical to the execution of the strategic plans.
  • Customer Focus – no longer optional, all companies are now focused on using customer feedback to inform business decisions. This dimension aligns marketing efforts with the voice of the customer.
  • Strategic Alignment – ensures the business goals and objectives are rooted in decisions within the execution of the Marketing & Content Strategy.
  • Technology & Tools – aids in the success of teams & how to most effectively and efficiently leverage them to achieve targeted outcomes.
  • Team – looks holistically at the expertise, skills & teamwork needed to create a collaborative & aligned high performing team.

  • Please note: We are in the process of gathering input/feedback & making adjustments – excuse the formatting while we are working on it. We will update this image once we’ve finalized it. Iterative & agile prototype of development…go figure 😉


We’d love to hear your thoughts/feedback!



Evan Leybourn, Founder and CEO of the Business Agility Institute

Elisia Choi, Sr. Director of Marketing @ ICAgile

Dawn Thiem, Vice President Marketing & EBA @ AgilityHealth®



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