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Top Tips and Resources for Working Remotely

As more and more companies are moving to remote/virtual team collaboration, there is a wealth of strategies we can leverage to shorten learning curves and enhance productivity.

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Stop The Flooding


We had a BIG business problem to solve. Our marketing team’s backlog was massive – everything from the tiniest of tactical needs to the utmost strategic & only a few hands to manage it all. What to do, what to do?

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IHG Beyond IT – Transforming Marketing and Design


Russ Peña, Agile Methodologist, IHG


Russ Peña from IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group) presented at our EBA Summit how work can be as easy as talking to each other.  In light of “just talking,” IHG uses an “Innovation Center” to give customers–their guests–a seat at the table. 

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Agile For Finance

Evan Campbell, Accenture | SolutionsIQ

At AgilityHealth®’s EBA Summit, Evan Campbell shared an overview of Agile/Lean Finance and how it’s critical to business agility.

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Onboarding and Enabling Team Success

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Team Health Metrics

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Evolving A Continuous Improvement System


  Dan Craig, Fannie Mae

Dan’s presentation was one of the top rated sessions. He shared his top  learnings building a continuous improvement program across 240 teams. He highlighted his learnings and spoke to the reality that continuous improvement means more than a team sitting in a room for a team retro…it’s a complex and delicate ecosystem that requires intentional focus to pull it all together.   

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How Leadership and Culture Influence Your Transformation

 Sheri Reed, Executive, Anthem

Sheri presented an impactful story of how Anthem successfully integrated culture and leadership throughout their enterprise business agility transformation for our EBA Summit audience in Atlanta last September. She demonstrated how the shift in culture is more difficult than any other component. It is critical to address that culture pivot with care in order to implement change and avoid disruption. Anthem was able to do just that, but it wasn’t without its challenges. Sheri’s presentation and slides can be found here.

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The State of Enterprise Business Agility


 Evan Leybourn, Business Agility Institute

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The Challenges of a Transformation Coach

 Rupert Schmidtberg, Schmidtberg Consulting

At the EBA Summit this past September, Rupert shared the challenges that come along with being a transformation & executive coach and how to engage senior executives to actively promote & lead the adoption of Enterprise Business Agility.

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