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Scaling Agile Learning Across Your Enterprise

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Reskilling… upskilling… the future of work. No matter how it’s defined, companies are challenged with a critical need to build – and retain – skilled workforces to stay competitive.

According to a recent McKinsey article, “Learning organizations face a tension between continuing cost pressures in a downturn and the need to deliver training to help workers adapt to a changing organization and business environment.” The agenda for post-pandemic learning and development extends beyond reskilling, however, to three categories of cost-effective training:

  1. Broad-based digital training in essential skills
  2. Focused upskilling rooted in changing work
  3. Leadership development

So how can companies quickly upskill their Agile team members and leaders cost-effectively?

By developing a learning culture through encouraging self-training, peer support programs or pairing, and offering the exploration of new career paths within the organization. Companies are finding value through self-paced online learning platforms because they are cost-effective, available on-demand, and allow team members to customize their learning pathways.

Training anytime, anywhere

It’s often difficult to train everyone across an organization, especially when adopting a methodology such as Agile. One of the fastest ways to train and scale Agile is with This powerful online learning platform was designed for individuals and teams and provides the right content at the right time. It’s available 24 hours a day and contains more than 230 video lessons created by Agile experts and practitioners.

The library includes courses for beginners; role-based lessons for Product Owners, Scrum Masters and Managers; “day in the life of an Agile team”; Kanban videos for business operations, support and infrastructure teams; servant leadership, soft skills/culture, and effective facilitation skills.

AgileVideos helps new and existing team members gain digital training in essential skills, allows team members to quickly upskill in a world of constant change, and provides leaders a quick way to understand their new role in an Agile environment.

Powerful learning insights

With AgileVideos’ usage reports, companies can see how users are engaging, what they’re watching, quizzes passed, and more.

For details, watch one of the most popular videos Scrum 101 | Scrum Basics or visit AgileVideos.

Sign up for free access to sample lessons at To learn more about pricing and plans, visit

by Dawn Thiem, VP of Enterprise Business Agility


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