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We had a BIG business problem to solve. Our marketing team’s backlog was massive – everything from the tiniest of tactical needs to the utmost strategic & only a few hands to manage it all. What to do, what to do?

Well, sometimes the easiest way to solve a big hairy problem is to simply block the time & dive on in…hackathon for the business style. We very simply just applied Agile to the business.


  • The backlog was massive!
  • Tactical to strategic work (+ everything in between)
  • More tactical work coming in every day
  • No time to serve the company by delivering results that would actually help us move the needle & meet our customer & company needs
  • Bottle-necked, our teams could not get work through the funnel
  • We had unintentionally taken empowerment away from the teams, they couldn’t touch things without “submitting a request”
  • New leader & we had lost team members
  • Very few standards/guidelines so processes lacked definition & defined jobs to be done

How – What Did We Do?

  • We prepped – identified all “high priority” work
  • Revisited priority & selected the biggest bang for the buck needs
  • Ensured we had the necessary skill-sets available to complete the work selected
  • Blocked 3 days of our time together & eliminated as many distractions as possible
  • Created holding spots for things we knew would come up along the way – allowed a place to put all the great longer term ideas without allowing them to distract us
  • Focused our time on work reduction
  • Provided remote options for team members who were not able to be present
  • Celebrated our successes
  • Found any way possible to gather customer input real-time or through proxy
  • Created simple standards & guidelines as we worked based on what we were learning along the way
  • Inspected, adapted & retro’d multiple times per day



  • Completed more than 27 stories/work items
  • What previously took us weeks or months to complete, moved to done in days
  • Leaned out processes within & for the future
  • Quickly trained team members just-in-time while producing
  • Built a cross-functional team with relationships that will sustain well into the future
  • Taught others how to fish along the way
  • Proved to ourselves that we could do this & had fun in the process


What We Learned…

  • FOCUS time is invaluable – intentionally carve out time to solve BIG problems together
  • Cross-functional skill sets rallied around common goals = powerful
  • Walking through the detailed process steps together & just-in-time was a quick way to get a large # of team members up to speed very quickly
  • Learned from each others questions
  • Pulled work based on subject matter expertise, passion & skill-set vs. “assignment” of work
  • The power of teams & pairing
  • When you don’t know…ask
  • How quickly we can move when we work together
  • Virtual session worked well (maybe even better than in-person) – don’t be stopped because someone can’t be “in the office”
  • Ask for help & they will come – so many team members, outside of our initially defined team, stepped up to help
  • We are so incredibly grateful for our #oneteam


What’s Next?

  • Continue progressing & building upon the momentum started
  • Lean more processes out
  • Set an example for others to follow
  • Focus on continual improvement
  • Build growth plans based on what we learned throughout
  • Measure our impact to our strategic objectives, outcomes & OKRs
  • Do it again (after a long nap & a cocktail)


We still have a lot of work ahead but we are all confident, we got this.

 Dawn Thiem, Agility Health

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