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Stories from Our First Agile Talent & HR Workshop

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We were very excited to host the inaugural session of the Agile Talent & HR (Talent Strategist Certification) Workshop at Agile Transformation, Inc. headquarters January 10-11, 2019.
This topic is hot right now and a critical missing piece to the Agile transformation roadmap. No Agile journey has any hope of real success without involving HR teams in enabling and driving the people, team, leadership and change interventions. We had a great turnout from senior HR leaders, transformation leaders, managers and change agents. Thank you Fannie Mae, Capital One, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska, Corelink, Farm Credit Services, Mutual of Omaha and our partner ICON for attending and contributing to the success of this inaugural session.
Two of the attendees share their experiences in these videos:

The interaction and participation from this group was uplifting, and one of the key learnings that attendees gained from this workshop was understanding how Agile impacts players across the organization. 
On the first day of the course, participants learned about how Agile intersects with HR, strategies in organizational design to optimize for value flow, Agile roles and career paths and how to acquire and retain top talent. The insightful discussion continued on the second day as participants engaged in topics including enabling effective performance, feedback systems, shifting to outcomes, agile pay & rewards strategies,  learning & development, and applying the Agile mindset to HR.
Participants engaged in lively conversation, group workshops, demonstrations, role playing, self-reflection and roadmapping to come away with many key insights and an actionable plan to implement many of the concepts explored in the class.
So why should you consider attending this workshop? “The world of work is changing. Agile and technology [teams] are recognizing this and trying to adapt. HR is needed to partner or lead the organizational transformation. These two days began that conversation for me,” Jeff Johnson, Agile Coach.
By completing this course, participants earned two certifications:


  1. AgilityHealth – Talent Strategist Certification (AH-TAL)
  2. ICAgile Certified Professional – Business Agility Agile Talent (ICP-TAL) certification

To register for an upcoming workshop or schedule one at your organization, click here.
By Bryan Tew, Enterprise Agility Strategist, Sally Elatta, President & CEO Agile Transformations, Inc. & Founder of AgilityHealth, and Dawn Thiem, VP of Enterprise Business Agility & Operations


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