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The Challenges of a Transformation Coach

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 Rupert Schmidtberg, Schmidtberg Consulting

At the EBA Summit this past September, Rupert shared the challenges that come along with being a transformation & executive coach and how to engage senior executives to actively promote & lead the adoption of Enterprise Business Agility.

Rupert’s presentation and slides can be found here.




  • The change we are asking for is generally resisted by middle management
  • Upper management often thinking, “I don’t need to change”
  • The change is feared by most


You are there for a reason. Use your time to serve the leader/team to provide real solutions for their unique challenges.

  • Do the homework – identify areas of influence and understand those pinpoints
  • Help them pinpoint the greatest challenge at this point of time
  • Clearly define the “elevator pitch” & test it
  • Get to “yes” quickly as possible


Challenges will come along – coach for creating an environment to support: 

  • Organizational structure
  • Organizational design
  • Facilities
  • Radical transparency
  • Governance
  • Funding
  • Performance management

Must Haves 

  • Visible executive support
  • Communications
  • Guiding Coalition


  • Motivate – emotions are powerful, start with “why” and “business value”
  • Show the way – 7 pillars of EBA and define the measures of success
  • Create the environment for change – coach leaders to shape the environment
  • Deliver value frequently & advertise success

As a transformational coach, YOU are leading the change. 

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