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Recent Posts by Dawn Thiem

VP of Enterprise Enablement and Talent at AgilityHealth®

What Metrics Matter to Agile Marketers?

Marketing teams have been discussing this for years, what metrics really matter? When you want results, ROI and impact over effort, the need to look at how a team functions in alignment with business goals, best practices, market trends and more, requires an understanding of where the gaps exist so you can deploy focused efforts to improve. When you know what you’re trying to change, putting growth plans in place to achieve your objectives becomes a lot less challenging.

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The Future of EBA Change Agents


Movement is coming for those of us that are changing the world! Based on our experiences, change agent programs need to be designed with the intent to build T-Shaped leaders – change agents who specialize in specific pillars/areas and enable the organization to achieve outcomes by improving the maturity within their specific areas of need. Here’s a quick video overview.

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Develop Agile Talent

A holistic program to transform the critical roles that enable high-performing teams.

Accelerating Talent Development

Agile and new ways of working are impacting many roles across all levels. We’ve identified 5 key ones to target for 2020 in addition to specialized roles. Scrum Master, Product Owners/Product Managers, Agile Managers,  RTE/Program Managers, Coaches. Invest in these key roles so they can sustain and mature the teams they lead towards your agility journey. 

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Top Agile Roles to Develop in 2019

The challenge many organizations implementing (or have implemented) Agile find early on is that there are a number of critical roles and skills they suddenly require that have not been a part of the organization’s DNA before.

The manner in which the areas of the organization are implementing Agile are structured is significantly different to a traditional organization. Suddenly, there is a key requirement for roles such as ScrumMasters, Release Train Engineers, Product Owners/Managers, Agile Coaches, Portfolio Leaders, Community of Practice Leaders, etc. (referred to as Agile Enablers).

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Help Your Clients Measure What Matters with AgilityHealth®

Looking for a way to grow your business and help your clients achieve measurable and sustainable transformations? The AgilityHealth Partner Program makes it easy for you to show your clients exactly where you can help them based on key metrics, as well as prove and measure your impact before and after their Agile transformation.

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Developing Agile Talent Across Your Company

To be more adaptable and efficient, organizations are looking for ways to develop critical roles within their Agile teams across business operations, HR, marketing, and more.

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